Guidelines for participants

The Congress program will be organized in two steps.

From July 2010 until 15 December 2010, proposals for symposia will be received via the online form. Symposium proposals need to name the title of the symposium (with an abstract) and the corresponding thematic area, name one or two conveners, and suggest three to five papers to be included.  In March 2011, the pre-approved symposia will be published in the Preliminary Program on the ICA website.

A Call for Papers within the pre-approved symposia will be open from 15 April 2011 until 31 August 2011.  Symposia conveners will decide about acceptance of papers. The Organizing Committee will notify presenters during December 2011.

In order to be part of the final program, all symposium conveners and paper presenters need to register and pay the Congress fee by 31 March 2012

I. Composition of the Program

I.1 Symposia may be organized in a variety of formats, ranging, for example, from the traditional oral presentation of research papers to more innovative means of presentation that utilize computer software, film, or demonstrations of teaching techniques.
I.2 Joint symposia organized by two conveners – preferably from different institutions - are particularly encouraged and will be given special consideration by the thematic area Chairs.

II. Composition of Paper Symposia

II.1 Symposia proposals must
have one or two conveners and comprise between three and five papers. The number of papers may increase through the Call for Papers.
II.2 Depending on the number of papers, the time allotted to each symposium will be from two to five hours.
II.3 Approximately thirty minutes should be reserved for discussion from the floor and among the presenters. The symposium convener has the right and responsibility to enforce this rule.
II.4 Symposium conveners should strive for a balanced combination of participants, f.e.
different countries, institutions, and career stages.

III. Responsibility of Symposium Conveners

By proposing and accepting responsibility for convening a symposium, the convener accepts these obligations:
III.1 To inform the thematic area Chairs of all changes in the composition of the symposium prior to the publication of the final program. And, similarly, to inform all other participants of such changes before the meetings.
III.2 To inform the thematic area Chairs about the agenda and the development of the symposium.
III.3 To hold participants to agreed-upon time limits for their presentations.
IV. Responsibility of Paper Presenters

By proposing and accepting formal participation, participants accept these obligations:
IV.1 To inform the symposium convener and thematic area Chair at the earliest possible date of any changes in the status of the work,  availability, or travel funding which will or is likely to prevent participation.
IV.2 To circulate copies of the paper to be presented to other participants of the symposium before the meetings.
IV.3 To abide by the symposium convener's stipulations regarding the length of presentation and comments.
IV.4 ICA will provide LCD projectors and PowerPoint capabilities in all symposia rooms.

V. Multiple Participation

For multiple participations, there are two alternative modalities:
V.1 Participants are allowed to convene one symposium and present one paper, OR
V.2. Participants are allowed to present two papers, excluding the possibility of convening any symposium

VI. Proposal Submission

VI.1 Scholars who submit proposals for symposia can only place an individual on the proposed symposium with his or her consent.
VI.2 Scholars wishing to participate in the program must adhere to the submission deadline. Proposals received after the deadline stipulated will not be considered.

VII. Notification of Unsuccessful Proposals

VII.1 It is the responsibility of the thematic area Chairs to ensure that scholars who are not included in the program are notified by e-mail of that fact prior to the publication of the preliminary program. Acceptance letters and notifications for those who submitted symposium proposals will be sent by e-mail in March 2011 and for those who submitted papers in December 2011.

VIII. Registration

VIII.1 Registration is required for all participants.
VIII. 2 Only Participants registered by 31 March 2012 will be listed in the program.

IX. Symposium and Paper Proposal Deadline

IX.1 The deadline for symposium proposals is 15 December 2010. No proposals will be accepted after this deadline. Symposia proposals must be sent using the online submission form
IX.2 The deadline for paper proposals is 31 August 2011. No proposals will be accepted after this deadline. Paper proposals must be sent using the online submission form which will be available on this website.

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