580 - Cultural Behaviors to Animals in South America: past and present

19.07.2012 | 08:00 - 13:30
19.07.2012 | 17:30 - 19:30

Coordenator 1: Olivera, Daniel (CONICET-UBA , Buenos Aires, Argentina / Argentinien)
Coordenator 2: Hugo, Yacobaccio (Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina / Argentinien)

The symposium aims to discuss human behavior in relation to animals in different social and temporal contexts. Its objective tries to cover most of the relationships that human groups have generated for the animal world, both wild and domestic, in America .

Since the early settlement of the Continent, human groups established deep relationships with animal species. Although animals were a factor in human subsistence, their importance also includes social, economic, political and symbolic spheres. That's why this symposium points to one of the key elements in order to understand both the prehistoric and present cultural processes in America . A non-exclusive list of the topics discussed are proposed:

• The hunter and the hunted

• Domestication

• Taming and pets

• Economic management and conservation

• The animal as social and symbolic value

These topics will be covered from archeology, but we will also accept contributions from anthropology, ethno-biology, history and geography, because the interaction between animals and human society involve different areas of social life.

Palavras-chaves: cultural behaivor, animal species, human societies

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10664 - No sólo los loros - paujil (Mitu mitu) en la iconografía Nasca Woloszyn, Janusz Poland / Polen
11816 - Consumo visual de animales en arte rupestre, Valles Occidentales, Andes Centro Sur Daniela, Valenzuela Chile / Chile
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