6732 - Animal exploitation at the south of Buenos Aires Province during Recent Holocene: La Represa case.

The aim of this article is to present trends of animal exploitation by hunting gatherers living at La Represa site (Oriente, provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina) between 3000 and 2100 BP. We analyze the exploitation of animal resources in south east of humid pampas zone near the river Quequen Salado as a particularly location into a rich grassland environment having many other micro environment contexts as lakes, sea shores and coastal dunes lakes. We discuss the possibility of a specialization onto Lama guanicoe hunting, and the economic and social reasons of this particular evidence in the site into a annual cycle perspective. co-autor : Ramiro Javier March, UMR6566 CNRS

Palabras claves: camelids, grasslands, Buenos Aires, Argentina, hunter-gatherers

Autores: Rodriguez Loredo, Cecilia (UMR 6566 UMR 8096 CNRS, France / Frankreich)


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