482 - Archaeology, Paleoclimatic Models and Human Interaction in Latin America

18.07.2012 | 08:00 - 13:30
18.07.2012 | 17:30 - 19:30

Coordinator 1: Rivera, Mario A (Beloit College , La Serena, Chile / Chile)
Coordinator 2: Manuel, Palacios (Terra Nostra Earth Sciences Research, LLC)

For a long time the interaction between culture and environment has been a main issue regarding anthropological explanations about behavioral human patterns and cultural change. The relationships of cultural history and the natural world have been labeled by countless points of view that go from environmental determinism to the almost total control of the human-environmental dynamics. A correct scientific position would locate these relations between both extremes whereas the degree in which one component dominates the other is determined by a mutant situation of unique factors and specific individual contexts (Dean y Doyel 2006:1) [1] .

Lately, the relationships between human societies and environmental changes are getting increasing attention, especially in the field of scientific research, developing close relationships between paleo-ecologists and archaeologists. The natural and cultural processes are structured relationships based on long term variations; therefore, they must be studied through long periods of time. This is where archaeology is especially prepared for investigating the man-environment interaction as far relevant variables of this phenomenon can be controlled.

This symposium emphasizes this relationship and stimulates the presentation of results as product of this collaboration with respect to the cultural history of what is today LatinAmerica. Unknown climatic variations and how these could have affected human settlements constitute main issues for this symposium. Besides, we are also interested in knowing case studies with problems related to analysis of past climatic and environmental fluctuations as predictive factors related to development of human settlement patterns. Moreover, the symposium would gather data from archaeological, environmental, and chronological viewpoints in relation to paleoclimatic models and human interaction, as well as research dealing with anthropogenic activity in connection to climatic variability and chronological records that characterize diachronic patterns of human presence. 

[1] Dean, J. y D.E.Doyel 2006 Culture, Environment, and Adaptation: Perspectives from the Ancient Southwest; en Environmental Change and Human Adaptation in the Ancient American Southwest , Doyel & Dean, eds University of Utah Press, pp. 1-9

Palabras claves: Paleoclimatic Models, Archaeology, Human Interaction.

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