7260 - Funeral treatment of Trincheras Tradition

Recent research at sites " La lomita de las cremaciones " and "Los crematorios" of Trincheras Tradition, Sonora has significantly enriched the knowledge of the funerary practices of the prehispanic group. This article discusses the mortuary process: treatment of the corpse and burial rites associated with the various practices used to dispose of the dead in Culture Trincheras. We propose that there is a very complex relationship between mourning ritual and its material expression is reflected in the archaeological context. Thus, from a contextual, spatial and material analysis suggest that there are at least two funeral traditions reflected in such sites.

Palabras claves: Northwestern Mexico, mortuary practices, cremation, inhumation.

Autores: Nava Maldonado, Silvia Ivet (INAH-Sonora, Mexico / Mexiko)
Co-Autores: Cruz Guzmán, Carlos (INAH-Sonora, Valle de Chalco, México, Mexico / Mexiko); Villalpando Canchola, Elisa (INAH-Sonora, Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico / Mexiko); Cerezo Román, Jessica I.; Watson, James (University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, Ud States of A


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