7477 - Maya graffiti in a wider cultural and geographic context

This paper intends to present Maya graffiti in a wider context comparing them to graffiti from other ancient civilizations of Egypt and Classical world (Greece and Rome). Parallels are also made with Medieval graffiti from Europe. These comparisons enable us to see both common things as well as differences that existed among graffiti in different civilizations that flourished in various parts of the world and in different times. The differences and comparisons are shown in various aspects such as the subject content of graffiti, their function, meaning as well as the techniques of their preparation. I propose to use in some cases analogies to other cultures in order to understand mechanisms of creating them by the ancient Maya or to identify their authors.

Palavras-chaves: Maya, graffiti, comparative studies

Autores: Zralka, Jaroslaw (Jagiellonian University, Poland / Polen)


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