9533 - The 2008 Investigations at the Mancchay Center of Cardal, Lurin Valley, Peru

This talk will present an overview of the excavations carried out at Cardal in 2008 and their implications for our current understanding of the Manchay culture. The excavations included large horizontal exposures on the right and left arms of the U shaped complex as well as the excavation of a trench across portions of the main plaza. The results confirmed that the two lateral mounds, like the main mound, were primarily devoted to buildings involved in religious ceremonies . Clay friezes of previously known Manchay religious themes were uncovered on both lateral mounds as were other indications of ritual activity such as an offering pit that included a decapitated head, a large hollow ceramic figurine, carved bone spatula fragments and ceramic vessels. New information was also obtained about access to the central plaza and the presence of a rear staircase on the main mound. At present, Cardal provides the most detailed picture available of the configuration and function of any of the public centers along the central coast during the second millennium BC.

Palabras claves: Cardal, Manchay, Public Center

Autores: Burger, Richard (Yale University, Ud States of Am / USA)
Co-Autores: Salazar, Lucy (Yale University, Connecticut, Ud States of Am / USA); Murro, Juan Antonio (Dumbarton Oaks, Washington D.C., Ud States of Am / USA)


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