6992 - Between mule track and airstrip: Routes of communication and the economic history of south-eastern Campeche

Routes of communication in south-eastern Campeche have been shaped by economic and political interests, such as the necessities of trade and transportation in the context of the extraction of forest products, among them chicle and mahogany, and the delimitation and political control of the state territory.

Based on ethnographic and archival research in the Mexican state of Campeche the paper discusses the development of communication routes in south-eastern Campeche since the early 20th century. The paper shows, among other things, how economic boom and bust periods have shaped forms of communication and social relations.

Palavras-chaves: Mexico, history, communication, transportation, forest exploitation, Campeche

Autores: Schüren, Ute (Universität Bern, Germany / Deutschland)


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