3464 - Maize, man and deer. The human and non-human inhabitants of the canyons of the Sierra Madre Occidental, in Durango, Mexico.

Before the arrival of the Spanish in the second half of the 16th century, the inhabitants of the Sierra Madre Occidental were living in a world full of spirits and forces that were surrounding them. With these they were interacting and shaping an annual cycle of life based on the agriculture of the maize and in the war. The present paper seeks to explore the relations that had xiximes and acaxées, with different atmospheric phenomena, animal and plants, which were the most important agents in the conformation of his identity and of his life-world. This interaction was given across the ritual and the objects associated with this, as well as of many elements of his daily life.

Palabras claves: Identidad, paisaje, mundo-de-la-vida, Durango

Autores: Punzo, José Luis (INAH-Durango, Mexico / Mexiko)


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