514 - Classic Veracruz Rising: Emergent Politico-Economic Complexity along Mexico's Gulf Lowlands AD 100 - 600.

16.07.2012 | 08:00 - 13:30

Convener 1: Arnold, Philip (Loyola University Chicago , Chicago, Ud States of Am / USA)
Convener 2: Pool, Christopher (University of Kentucky, Lexington, Ud States of Am / USA)

This symposium explores the origins of the archaeological phenomenon often identified as "Classic Veracruz." This cultural expression was realized along Mexico 's Gulf lowlands during the Classic Period (ca. AD 100 - 900). Its archaeological and artistic manifestations have been well documented: urban development; an emphasis on ball-game rituals; the use of long-count calendrics and occasional glyphic texts; and a distinctive sculptural style. Less clear, however, is the manner in which Classic Veracruz grew out of its Formative Period (1500 BC - AD 100) Olmec and/or Epi-Olmec roots. Some portions of the Gulf lowlands reveal continuity from the Olmec era to the Classic Period while other areas suggest a Classic Period florescence lacking a strong Olmec foundation. Regardless of cultural antecedents, new data suggest that the transition from earlier periods was far from seamless. In fact, these findings indicate that the Classic Period was marked by significant changes in political organization, economic activities, and cultural interactions across the Gulf lowlands. This symposium highlights the dynamic, emergent character of Classic Veracruz cultural expression. An international panel of scholars will address topics that include the development of urbanization, the potential clash of local versus extra-local influence, and the reconfiguration of the Gulf lowlands as a politico-economic landscape. Presentations will explore recently collected data from the Gulf lowlands, as well as offer new interpretations of extant datasets. Ultimately, these insights provide a more secure basis on which to consider and evaluate the economic, political, and ideological underpinning of "Classic Veracruz."

Keywords: Veracruz, Gulf lowlands, Classic Period

Title Author Country Co-Author
11277 - The Tamtok Scroll Style: Assessing the Relationship between the Huasteca and Classic Veracruz Richter, Kim Ud States of Am / USA
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