3249 - The mask of Malinaltepec, Guerrero, a reutilized Teotihuacan image


After finishing the interdisciplinary studies practiced to the mask of Malinaltepec, Guerrero, the results confirm that the originality of an archaeological Mesoamerican object is not determined only by the opinion of an observer before the object, or the possibility to accede to an ascertainable archaeological context, given that the object possesses all the necessary information to allow us deepen in its knowledge, in the environment of its creation, and to recognize in it the characteristics and similarities among the primordial civilizations that inhabit Mesoamerica, both in the subtlety of the symbolism utilized to express its religious and ritual concepts, and in the tangible aspect of the use of materials and manufacture techniques.

The commercial and cultural relationship between Teotihuacan and Guerrero was strong and continuous during the Classic period, and their mutual influence can be perceived through the objects preserved, despite of time.

As a reutilized object during the Post Classic period, the mask of Malinaltepec is an extraordinary example of a Teotihuacan style stone mask partially covered with amazonite, turquoise, and Spondylus mosaic, in which can be recognized the print of these two cultures developed, respectively, during the Classic and Post Classic times.

Keywords: Mask, Classic, reutilized, mosaic, Post Classic.

Author: Martinez del Campo, Sofia (Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia, Mexico / Mexiko)


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