10723 - Crop domestication in the upper Madeira River basin

The upper Madeira River basin is an important part of the Amazonian periphery where several important crops were domesticated. Some of these crops have been reasonably well studied, such as manioc, peanut, peach palm, coca and tobacco, while others are not as well known, such as the hot peppers Capsicum baccatum and C. frutescens , and still others need confirmation, such as cocoyam and urucum. We review the information available for manioc, peach palm, Capsicum, peanut, urucum and cocoyam. The current state-of-the-art for Capsicum frutescens , urucum and cocoyam is insufficient to conclude definitively that they were domesticated in the upper Madeira, while all the others have at least one of their origins in the upper Madeira.

Keywords: Madeira, crop domestication, manioc, Capsicum, peach palm

Author: Clement, Charles (INPA, Brazil / Brasilien)
Co-Author: Doriane Picanço Rodrigues, Alessandro Alves-Pereira, Gilda Santos Mühlen, Michelly de Cristo-Araújo, Priscila Ambrósio Moreira, Juliana Lins, Joana A. Maia Salomão, and Vanessa Maciel Reis


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