9111 - Research, Development and Intellectual Property in Latin American Higher Education Institutions

In recent years, many Latin American (LatAm) countries are undergoing a transformation from merely agricultural based growth towards increasingly knowledge based economic growth. The European Union emphasizes the importance of scientific cooperation between Latin America and Europe and is actively promoting cooperation in the framework of the 7 th Framework Programme and other programmes such as ALFA and Erasmus Mundus.  

In scientific cooperation, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) are a crucial factor. Clear IPR rules and policies enhance the attractiveness of any nation and any organisation as a research partner. IPR provide the grounds for the design of R&D projects (state of the art), and set the rules for the use and commercialisation of research results, facilitating knowledge and technology transfer.  

In this context, in the past years European policy makers have been promoting the adequate use of the Intellectual Property Rights (COM 2006, 208 final) by public universities and research organisations.  

The proposed paper analyzes the level of awareness and use of Intellectual Property (IP) within Latin American higher education institutions (HEIs), while exploring the main constraints and inhibiting factors in working with the IP system and integrating IP management. The analysis is based on a literature review, the experiences gathered in the framework of the EU funded PILA-Network project (a cooperation of 18 LatAm and 4 EU countries’ universities and IP Offices), and empirical data generated through a study conducted among 147 Latin American Higher education institutions in 18 different LatAm countries in the framework of this project (www.pila-network.org).      

Keywords: Intellectual Property Rights, research, innovation, scientific cooperation

Author: Mayr, Alexandra (Universidad de Alicante, Spain / Spanien)


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