3024 - The impact of global governance on local value chains

Chain analysis has been adopted as framework for developing upgrading strategies for medium and small size firms (SMEs) and producers. When these agents are participating in local networks, it is not clear how their strategies should be analysed in a global context, when they face competition in local markets and/or by direct involvement in global chains.

This paper reviews the theoretical-methodological frameworks as applied until now to assess if and how SMEs cope with their upgrading needs in local and global value chains. From the global commodity/value chain approach perspective, there appears a dilemma if the consideration of the local or global chain dynamics should prevail or be prioritized

Palabras claves: value chains, upgrading, SMEs, local networks

Autores: Pelupessy, Wim (IVO , Tilburg University, Netherlands / Niederlande)
Co-Autores: diaz porras, rafael (cinpe, universidad nacional, heredia, costa rica, heredia, Costa Rica / Costa Rica)


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