3362 - Raw Materials and Strategies of Development in Latin America

In the present conjuncture of booming prices of raw materials it seems questionable if the situation hadn't changed in favour of exporters of raw materials or if one shouldstay sceptical as in the phase of Import Substituting Industrialization, especially as commodity markets have been extremely volatile. Our contribution will deal with the question on the impacts of are-primarization on strategies of economic development. The Régulation-approach will serve as theoretical base, expanded by approaches towards financializationand industrialization (Furtado, Epstein). Within this framework, we will develop a typology and exemplify it on three case studies: Brazil, Venezuela and Chile.

Palavras-chaves: raw materials, financialization, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela

Autores: Jäger, Johannes (FH des bfi Wien, Austria / Österreich)
Co-Autores: Leubolt, Bernhard (WU-Wien, FH des bfi Wien, Wien, Austria / Österreich)


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