3981 - Reflections on some facets of ¿cultural education¿ in Native North America

“Cultural Education,” as a phenomenon, appears in many forms in Native North America. Its diverse forms obviously reflect the serious challenges Native American societies face in the 21st century. When it comes to the question of how to counter these forces, which are experienced as a challenge and a threat to indigenous communities and their cultures today, cultural education becomes an option. It is a conscious attempt to formulate a “culturally” defined counter-strategy to a threat posed by the non-Native rest of the world. This phenomenon may best be understood as a protective response to one central question which is so important for Native Americans today: How may cultural autonomy be strengthened, given the fact that it is vital for maintaining a culturally defined separate identity as “Natives”? The examples presented in this paper are drawn from my previous research projects.

Palabras claves: Cultural Education, Native Americans, globalization

Autores: Hatoum, Rainer (Free University Berlin, Germany / Deutschland)


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