9713 - Book Indexing of Scholarly Publications in Latin America: Where Art Thou?

During a session at the 2011 annual conference of the American Society of Indexing, the question was posed as to whether book indexing was practiced in Latin America . The general feeling was that back of the book indexes were not prevalent in scholarly or non-fictional works published in Latin America . This paper will explore the practice of indexing in Latin America, specifically book indexing and will address the following questions: Is book indexing prevalent in Latin America and if not, why not? Are there indexing societies in Latin America who promote the practice of indexing? What are the Latin American publishers’ policies toward book indexing? and “What is the impact of this trend, if any, on research?

Palabras claves: Latin America, indexing socities, book indexing, publishers, policy

Autores: Gutierrez, Ruby (UCLA Latin American Institute, Ud States of Am / USA)


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