10829 - "Waiting for justice "Aracelli": Fiction, Journalism and reality"

18 th May in Brazil is declared as “Dia Nacional de Combate ao Abuso e à Exploração Sexual de Crianças e Adolescentes”. The “Crime Aracelli” gave birth, apart from a constant struggle and publications of a number of articles, to a novel and a film both with titles identifying the victim Aracelli. Focusing on these real life episodes of brutality and sexual abuse in Brazilian society and their fictionalization by Brazilian writers/ journalists this paper will select literary texts, news paper and film to compare and analyse the role of literature in bringing social awareness and demand for justice against these female victims. A comparison of real life episodes covered by news papers and literary texts used by the epistolary or journalistic novels such as Aracelli, meu amor by José Louzeiro will show how these literary works not only help in making these female victims eternal but also try to bring social and political awareness against sexual brutality and child abuse. Writers like Louzeiro on one hand fight for the rights of these helpless victims and on the other hand they alert and remind how the class and power politics help in protecting the criminals till today.

Palabras claves: Aracelli, sexual abuse, victimization of young girls, journalism and literature, José Louzeiro

Autores: SWARNAKAR, SUDHA (Universidade Estadual da Paraíba -UEPB, Brazil / Brasilien)


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