6831 - The Tropicalist Metropole: São Paulo in the International Sexual Market

This presentation is the result of my post-doctoral research project, entitled "What is it about Brazilian women? Color and sexuality in relationships between Brazilian women and foreign men", recently concluded at the University of São Paulo's anthropology department. The objective of this project was to widen my understanding of sexual tourism, building on work which I've already done in the city of Rio de Janeiro. The goal of the presentation is to analyze the multiple ideas regarding mestiçagem and sexuality presented within the universe of sexual tourism in the city of São Paulo. São Paulo is generally not understood to be a destination for sexual tourism in the globalized sex market, being symbolically set apart from Brazil and cast as "ugly", "modern", "European" (or "American") and "all business, no pleasure". My research indicates, however, that the polysemic symbolic charge of the city as both "synthesizing all that Brazil has to offer" and "unlike anything in Brazil" has combined with an increase in business tourism to create a large and shifting sexscape of commercialized sex work that is increasingly legible to foreign visitors. The city's attempts to "clean up its image" and recast itself as a (typically Brazilian) tourism destination have, paradoxically, introduced São Paulo into the international circuit of sexual tourism and intensified its presence there.

Palabras claves: São Paulo, sexual tourism, business tourism, gringos, prostitution

Autores: Silva, Ana Paula (Federal University, Viçosa, Brazil / Brasilien)


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