5366 - Feminization and the Coloniality of Labour: The case of undocumented Latin American domestic workers in Western Europe (Migracion, colonialidad y feminizacion: Trabajadoras domesticas latinas en Europa)

While the demand for domestic and care workers in the EU is increasing, due to the growing incorporation of women into the labour market, an aging population and the privatization of social care, the possibility of entry and settlement for non-EU citizens in the last ten years has been restricted. Meanwhile, State programmes that seek societal answers to domestic and care work are rare. Refusing to assume sole responsibility for the household, professional women opt together with their household members to employ another woman to do this work. Housework is increasingly being undertaken by female “undocumented migrant workers” that are trying to earn a living in Europe. Drawing on the example of Latin American women living in Germany, Austria, Spain and the UK, I will discuss the juncture between migration policies, feminization and the coloniality of labour. It is in this regard that the legacies of a colonial order, reactivated through racial and gendered segregation in the labour market and dehumanizing migration policies, are felt on an individual level and mobilized in our everyday encounters, bringing us back to Anibal Quijano’s analysis of the ‘coloniality of labour’.

Palabras claves: coloniality, feminization, migration, labour, europe

Autores: Gutierrez-Rodriguez, Encarnacion (University of Manchester, United Kingdom/Ver Königr)


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