5465 - Knowledge production in scholarly and activist discourses on the Colombian Conflict

This paper explores how knowledge on gendered and racialized dynamics of militarization, war, and conflict is produced by gender scholars and peace activists. ‘Gender and war’ has become a crucial issue within feminist scholarship, where the conception of gender as a relational category allowed analyzing diverse constructions of masculinities (and femininities) in armed conflicts. Departing from a hegemony theoretical approach firstly , the paper seeks to provide an understanding of the argumentative strategies scholars and activists apply, temporarily fixating meanings in the ‘order of discourse’ of gender and war. Which objects are constructed and how are they (differently) framed and entangled with each other? Based on feminist/postcolonial epistemology debates secondly , I ask how the methodological challenges of research on war are met. This includes interrogating the ways in which the gendered experience of violence is conceived or how the knowing feminists/activist is constructed, hence, how her (shifting) locations and involvements are brought into debate. Neither scholarship in this field nor female/feminist peace activism is considered to be homogeneous or mutually exclusive. On the contrary, I want to show how meanings and implications of gendered and racialized dynamics are challenged, bringing (partially overlapping) scholarly and activist discourses into dialogue.

Keywords: female peace activism, discourse analysis, knowledge production, Colombia

Author: Huebner, Katharina (University of Vienna, Austria / Österreich)


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