3483 - Quando as meninas chegam no além mar - Brazilian-Immigrant-Women and Portuguese Labor Market.

Based on the analysis of these transformations and its impact on the labor world, I propose to investigate Brazilian women immigration in Portugal and its relation with the Portuguese labor market. The principal aim with this study is to analyze, on the one hand, the process and practices of Brazilian women’s entrance in the Portuguese labor market, considering the recent socioeconomic transformation and its impact on the labor world, and on the other hand, understand the subjective meaning of the subjective experiences which take part in this process, specifically in the field of identity. I intend to discuss the present labor market configuration, approaching topics such as precarization, flexibilization, segregation and feminization of the labor Market . Iwill also debate issues concerning the international migratory phenomenon, emphasizing the feminization of migratory flows. I will carry out interviews with Brazilian women living in Portugal, aiming at obtaining more accurate results. The interviews are conceived as a moment which starts the dialogue between the investigator and the object. To analyze the interviews the Critical Discourse Analysis will be used. I understand discourses as practices which systematically form the object which they talk about. Practices are what people do, their behavior, choices, beliefs and histories. Therefore, the practices are not opposed to or can be separated from the discourse. The study also shows relevance because the immigration of Brazilians to Portugal has increased significantly in the past 20 years. What we believe we will find is that in most of the cases, regardless of their level of qualification, most of Brazilian women perform jobs as waitresses, babysitter, senior care, maid and cleaner women. This means precarious jobs, which leads to the increase of social inequality and reaffirm the sexual and ethnic labor market segregation.

Keywords: Brazilian Women, Labor Market, Portugal, Immigrant

Author: França, Thais (Centro de Estudos Sociais, Universidade de Coimbra - Portugal, Portugal / Portugal)


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