10777 - Corporatism and labour movement: the catholic labour movement and their relation with the public power in Brazil, 1909-1941.

As is well known, the social Catholicism of the late 19th century had influenced most of the Christian social parties around the world. At the same way, the labour movement was also influenced and a Christian labour movement emerged as a diametrically opposed field to communists and anarchists. This Christian labour movement, with a significant presence in Europe but still in Brazil, has as one of the principals features the corporatism. The aim of this paper is to discuss how Christian labour movement claim the workers’ demands and how they used to negotiate with the municipal government in Belo Horizonte. Belo Horizonte is a Brazilian planned city and built to be a capital city of Minas Gerais State in 1897. In this city, between 1909 and 1941, the Christian labour movement increased its influence on workers and took the lead of the labour movement. Although I have chosen to analyse the micro space of the city, I have no hesitation to make correlations with the major politics when necessary. The Christians are known for claiming with no disorderly manifestations or strikes. On one hand, it is easy to think how this kind of action can be useful to the governments if we consider the convenience of no strikes. But in the other hands, I would like to discuss how it can be useful to the workers. By thinking about this relation before and after Brazilian corporatist state under Vargas, it is possible to show in a reduced scale of the city what Brazilian historiography has shown before, i.e., that Vargas corporatism was inspired on workers’ demands. Meanwhile, I would like to stress with this case studied the way the corporatist ideas, in the context of the Brazilian Christian labour movement, settled a catholic activism that, by creating some useful demanding tools, was very prosperous to the workers needs in Belo Horizonte.

Palabras claves: Corporatist State - Christian Labour Movement - Belo Horizonte (Brazil) - Social Catholicism.

Autores: Amaral, Deivison (Unicamp/Brazil, Brazil / Brasilien)


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