3607 - Many Mexicos, Many Elites: A History of the Elites of Mexico from Independence through 1946

The two great watersheds of modern Mexican history, the wars of independence (1810-1821) and the Revolution (1910-1946?) were tremendously destructive. A decade of warfare in each case damaged much of the economic base of the country, hitting particularly hard large estate agriculture and mining. These sectors were, with commerce, the foundation of elite fortunes. I will examine how these crucial wars affected the rise and fall of elites. War not only destroyed fortunes, but also created economic, social, and political opportunities as people from humble origins rose through the ranks of the military and/or seized opportunities in politics and business. So we may ask what happened to the old elites? Did either of these wars create new elites? And, finally, how did old and new elites interact?

Palabras claves: Mexican Elites

Autores: Wasserman, Mark (Rutgers University, Ud States of Am / USA)


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