3142 - Stephanie Wood (University of Oregon, Eugene) Worldview and Identity in European-­- and Indigenous-­-Authored Maps (Colonial Mexico)

This presentation will involve an analysis of European-authored maps of the Americas from the sixteenth through eighteenth centuries in comparison with indigenous-authored maps in the Relaciones Geográficas tradition and other indigenous-authored pictorials of colonial Mexico. The intent is to compare European and indigenous worldviews in the early modern period, including the positioning of one's community vis-a-vis neighbors' communities and the wider region or, in some cases, the globe, building on the work of J. B. Harley and Barbara Mundy, among others. Expressions of worldview might include indications of concepts of dominion, territory, and possibly empire-building. In some cases, we hope to delineate conceptual trans-Atlantic dialogues. The presentation will also address evolving identity issues (“self” and “other”) as a result of cross-cultural contact and colonization, as may be indicated in cartography and other pictorial representations of space and/or humans within landscapes.          

Palavras-chaves: New Spain, maps, Europeans, indigenous peoples

Autores: Stephanie, Wood (University of Oregon, Ud States of Am / USA)


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