7634 - Domestic environments in colonial São Paulo

Based on the collections of the Museu Paulista – Universidade de São Paulo, this communication consists in making a picture of the material dimension of the colonial paulista society.

We shall analyze objects from the domestic environment which are catalogued within the Museu Paulista data and image banks, for a total of 120 pieces from the XVIII and first decades of the XIX century, categorized as furniture and accessories, interiors, vehicle and transportation means.

Beyond the tridimensional documents, the use of iconographic and textual sources – mostly inventories and wills – is fundamental for the study of the domestic colonial space, once the information related to physical attributes, the utility functions and the social uses of the objects and the social mediator role they played in the local society support their classification as products and vectors of social relations and allow the objects stored at the Museu Paulista to be intelligible.

However, if the information about the material dimension of an ancient social group, comprised within the inventories, doubtlessly helps to contextualize the isolated object at the museum, on the other hand, it’s own survival imposes the analyzis of its materiality, questioning the performatic and dialogic capacity of artifacts of past times, established from the mutually defined interaction of objects and bodies.

Upon these considerations, in order to analyze the colonial paulista society, the domestic artifacts will be studied in three interconnected dimensions: as products of one such social reality, as mediators in social relations and as producers of social practices.

Palabras claves: domestic environment; society; Brazil; material culture; museum

Autores: borrego, maria aparecida (museu paulista - universidade de sao paulo, Brazil / Brasilien)


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