6367 - Nourishing the Working Class: Latin American social reformers, international organizations and the beginnings of food policy

As the welfare states in Latin America started to expand during the 1920s, social reformers in a number of countries looked to the Geneva-based international organizations as well as to the Pan American Sanitary Bureau both for legitimizing the measures they were already taking as well as for inspiration and models for further reforms. This paper examines such interactions for the field of nutrition and food policy from the 1920s and 1930s. Archival records from the International Labor Organization, the League of Nations, as well as the Pan American Sanitary Bureau allow to trace how knowledge about food policies as well as nutritional standards were elaborated and how they were transformed and integrated into the emerging social programs in Latin America. Particular attention will be paid to a number of go-betweens who acted as liasion between the international level and local structures.

Palabras claves: transnational networks, food policy, , social reformers

Autores: Pernet, Corinne A. (University of St. Gallen, Switzerland / Schweiz)


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