6350 - : San Blas: Identity in the material culture of an 18th Century Andean Artisan¿s Neighborhood

In 1797 the Spanish colonial city of Riobamba, in the Audiencia of Quito (today Ecuador) was destroyed by an earthquake, and subsequently moved to a new location. The remains of the colonial city have provided a unique archaeological opportunity to look at a snapshot of urban living in the 18th century Andes. Excavations in a peripheral artisan’s neighborhood called San Blas reveal how the objects of daily life in artisan’s house’s both reflect, and helped create, new identities in the colonial Andes. The artisans who created majolica ceramics were trained in manufacturing techniques from Europe, but were ethnically seen as indigenous people. Andean majolica production is poorly understood, and the city of Riobamba provides an excellent opportunity to undertake historical archaeology in a colonial urban location not covered by modern urban development.

Palabras claves: Andes, colonial, majolica, urban, identity

Autores: Jamieson, Ross (Simon Fraser University, Canada / Kanada)


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