4008 - Inca Builders and Lexicons of Power: Architectural Production in Colonial Quito

This study considers the historiography of colonial Quiteñan architecture in light of contemporary documents and chronicles and offers alternative readings that counter traditional assessments of the city’s architecture as an exemplar of European power and hegemony. Numerous case studies based on archival documentation revise earlier accounts of chronology, authorship, interpretation, and diffusion and document the crucial and extensive contributions of Andean masters to the construction of the city of Quito and buildings elsewhere in the audiencia . This study argues that Andean dominance of the people and processes of architectural production in the city replicated ancestral patterns of socio-political power and authority; thus, Andeans perceived Quito’s colonial buildings from a vantage point quite distinct from that of their Spanish and European contemporaries. From an Andean point of view, control of architectural production was instrumental in consolidating and maintaining power over the built environment.          

Palabras claves: architecture, Andes, Quito, building history, colonial

Autores: Webster, Susan (College of William and Mary, Ud States of Am / USA)


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