11430 - Tainted penitents: Sexual violence and sexual intimacy in the confessional

My paper explores the range of sexual, spiritual, and emotional interactions represented by cases of priests on trial for solicitación and what they can tell us about the racialized violence and intimacy that were a part of clerical relationships with indigenous, casta, and Spanish women. The Inquisition defined solicitación as a blasphemous crime in which a confessor used the sacrament of confession to express or enact sexual desires, but the events that led to solicitación investigations included instances of sexual assault, spiritual friendships marked by emotional intensity, and even consensual sexual relationships. Testimonies of both penitents and confessors reveal clerical participation in colonial discourses of sexual desire, temptation, and religious strength as well as (primarily female) penitents' engagement with racialized and gendered notions of virtue and sin.

Palavras-chaves: Gender, intimacy, religion, violence, confession

Autores: Delgado, Jessica (Princeton, Ud States of Am / USA)


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