5989 - "Eine kleine Gruppe Entschlossener..." (A small group of strong-willed). The Federacion de Austriacos Libres in Bolivia.

During the Second World War in many Latin American countries Austrian organisations of exile were founded. Not all of them are as well documented as the Free Austrians in Mexico. In Bolivia the Austrian refugee organisation was the FAL (Federacion de Austriacos Libres), to which most Austrians, who emigrated to Bolivia belonged. The FAL was founded in 1941 and continued its work after 1945. The Austrian Archive for Exile Studies in Vienna owns the estate of the Austrian jurist, writer, actor and director Fritz Kalmar (1911-2008), who was also president of the FAL for many years.

Based on the material of this archive, which contains many unknown documents, the structure of the organisation will be described and the political, cultural and social functions presented. Subsequently the questions how the duties and emphases changed under the postwar conditions and which role the FAL played on the edge of official diplomacy as a cutting point between the states Austria and Bolivia will be analysed.

Palavras-chaves: exile studies, Bolivia, Federacion de Austriacos Libres, international relations

Autores: Zwerger, Veronika (Austrian Archive for Exile studies, Vienna, Austria / Österreich)


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