8002 - 6th Jovem Arte Contemporânea at MAC-USP: The museum as a place of resistance

Within the polarization of the 1960s and 70s of the museum as temple and museum as forum, it is proposed a reflection on the 6th Jovem Arte Contemporânea exhibition held at the Museum of Contemporary Art at University of São Paulo, in 1972, under the management of Walter Zanini. This exhibition is the result of a debate started inside the museum, which, along with artists and intellectuals, sought to structure itself as a place of resistance, criticism and artistic and political debate during the hardest years of Brazilian military regime, positioning itself against the dictatorship and the traditional notions of art and museum. The exhibition was configured as a process, following a timetable for the raffle and exchanges of the 84 lots, drawn on the museum floor, among the artists, elaboration and development of the proposals -mainly related to conceptualism, instalation and performance- in the lots, and a discussion about the exhibitions and the artworks afterwards. MAC-USP, in the Brazilian context of the 1970s - exhibition closed by the censorship in many museums, boycott of the Biennale, exile and imprisonment of intellectuals and artists - established itself as a place of freedom, laboratory for artistic and exhibits experiments.

Palavras-chaves: Museum, Brazilian Military Dictatorship., Conceptual Art

Autores: Louzada, Heloisa (Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil / Brasilien)


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