12027 - Rebellion and Kinship: The Chacón y Becerra Family and Subversion in Southern Peru, 1780-1815

Between 1780 and 1815 Cuzco was the centre of two major insurrections and several conspiracies. In each of these events members of the Chacón y Becerra family were involved. This paper explores the links of this family with both royalism and rebellion, and seeks to discover precisely why members of the family chose rebellion over royalism. In particular, its paterfamilias, José Chacón y Becerra, enjoyed a long career in royal service with plural appointments, as well as honorary posts in the ecclesiastical jurisdiction. He became a leading insurgent in the 1814 revolución de la patria. More generally, this paper seeks to understand, through the analysis of one family’s public life, why individuals shifted their political allegiances during the independence era. It will have as its context a wider appraisal of the webs of informal alliances within the city of Cuzco that facililiated the operation of the colonial system, but which could be turned against the state in a time of political crisis.

Palavras-chaves: Peru, Cuzco, Independence

Autores: Cahill, David (School of History and Philosophy, Australia / Australien)


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