3201 - A Global History of Imperialism and Colonialism in the Hispanic and Lusophone Worlds, 1400-1600

My paper aims to provide a new interpretation of the genealogies of imperialism and colonialism in the Global Hispanic and Lusophone Worlds during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. By focusing on the cultural production and practices of Portuguese and Spanish empires in Africa, the Americas, and Asia, I argue that Colonial Latin America cannot be understood in isolation from other geographical regions, or from the trans-oceanic and global exchanges, from which it emerged. The paper is an attempt to understand the development of the Spanish and Portuguese empires as the outcome of trans-oceanic networks that established global connections among distant regions of the world. By studying these reciprocal influences we can begin to move beyond the confines and limitations of geographically bound and closed entities in our analysis of the Iberian empires. The Portuguese and Spanish empires connected the histories of Europe, Africa, the Americas, Asia, and the Caribbean, giving way to the making of a global community in the early modern period. By adopting an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural comparative approach, my work is an attempt to rethink and revise the concepts of imperialism and colonialism, as we take into account the mutual influences among distant world regions.

Palabras claves: Historia Comparada- Imperios Portugués-Español circulaciones - representaciones - gobernabilidad, Global, imperialism, colonialism.

Autores: Marrero-Fente, Raul (University of Minnesota, Ud States of Am / USA)


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