6320 - Evita holds arms and fights against the Peronism: The magazine Evita Montenera

Between the years of 1974 and 1979, Montoneros published what they call the official magazine of this Argentinean’s political-military organization. Named Evita Montonera , in honor of their symbol that implies the fight for workers in the country, this periodical born in a peculiar context. The first number appeared in December of 1974 when Argentina, under Isabelita Perón’s government, was facing several crises: political, social and economic, until a military intervention in March of 1976.  

Below the responsibility of the journalist and writer, Rodolfo Walsh, who “fall” in the hands of the Task Group from ESMA, in March 1977, and today is considered one of the many missing persons, this magazine had eight numbers published in 1975 and also monthly circulation of middling 69000 copies. In its sheets, Evita Montonera tried to describe a lot of questions from that moment in the Montonero’s perspective: the violence of the government and the militaries, the necessity of change official’s positions, the existence of numerous political groups, including the clandestine and guerrillas ones, and the requirement of a response to the repression with a Popular Justice.  

This paperwork will approach the publication Evita Montonera in the period when Perón’s third wife was president of Argentina. It will try to broach what was written about the Peronism and how was seen and showed by Montoneros in that circumstance. Therefore, it will also concern about the published image of the Peronism´s principals characters – how they described in those years Evita, Isabelita, Lopéz Rega, Montoneros and Perón himself.


Author: Rocha, Marina (Prefeitura do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil / Brasilien)


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