594 - Transnational Mexico: Dialogues that Bound Mexico to the Americas and Beyond

20.07.2012 | 08:00 - 13:30

Coordinator 1: Marak, Andrae (California University of PA , California, Ud States of Am / USA)

This panel proposes to examine Mexico in a transnational perspective, illuminating the ways in which Mexico often stood (and stands) at the center of complex interconnected webs. We argue that history has too often been approached from the point of view of nation-states. The result is that political boundaries, which had long been nebulous, liminal spaces of contestation and that have only recently hardened, tend to delimit the field of study. As Jeremy Adelman and Stephen Aron note, it was only in the nineteenth century that nation-states were able to turn borderlands into political borders that divided people by nationality and ethnicity (among other categories). Even then borders were often as much an illusion as a reality. In that frame of mine, we hope that our panel will provide new approaches and new materials that serve to integrate Mexico and its history into its larger context. At the same time, by focusing on transnationality – geographical and metaphorical – we hope to expand the study of Mexico as site of political debate and discourse, a place of global commerce, and a location of networks of the left, of crime organizations, and narcoculture.

Palabras claves: Mexico, transnational, crime, commerce, vice

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