768 - Making things: technology and colonial material culture

20.07.2012 | 08:00 - 13:30

Coordinator 1: Candiani, Vera (Princeton University , Princeton, Ud States of Am / USA)

In the last two decades historians have privileged the written text as a source of historical information, and productive as it has been, this trend has neglected the role of material objects, the people who made them, and the physical constraints of everyday life in shaping the evolution of societies. This symposium features different approaches from different disciplines to understanding the colonial past through the things that made up its actors' physical surrounding and the choices that these actors made in creating it. It offers a place to discuss broad issues such as how humans interacted with and shaped nature with objects in context of a colonizing process, what objects can tell us about tensions in that process, and whether there was a logic to the manner in which materials and techniques were combined in these objects. The dialogues it hopes to encourage are across the fields of history, arcaheology, anthropology and environmental and materials science, as well as across regions and populations.

Palabras claves: nature, technology, artisans, archaeology, history

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