3359 - José María Lanz: Mathematician, Revolutionary and Citizen of the Repuublic of Letters. A Transantional Biography.

In my paper, José María Lanz y Zaldívar (1764-1839?) stands for the men of science who shaped a period of radical transformations (1780s-1830s) and were shaped by it. Being citizens of the Republic of Letters, a community of knowledge and refinement whose ties crossed the borders of the political units of that time, they contributed with their work and with their ideas to the construction of Nation-States nad national scientific communities. Born in what was colonial New Spain and was to become an independent republic of Mexico within his life-span, Lanz lived a life in which science and politics appear inexorably intertwined. He spent great part of his life earning his bread at the service of different governments of different countries. Nevertheless, he made risky choices in an effort to serve those who, in his opinion, served the Lights in “philosophical”, but also in political sense of the word. Co-author of one of the most important textbooks on mechanics of the early 19 th century, Lanz assisted to the birth and growth of government-promoted techno-scientific institutions in Spain, in France and in the new republics of Latin America.

Palabras claves: science - mobility - Atlantic - state-building - transnational

Autores: Martykánová, Darina (Universität Potsdam, Germany / Deutschland)


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