9811 - Personal Names and Toponyms: A Methodology for Studying Preliterate Indigenous Peoples

Little has been written about the ways pre-literate, native peoples remember and forge identities. Because they have no writing, their past was memorialized in songs, poems, rituals, dances, and stories. These have received at least passing mention in already published studies. Overlooked is the role of personal names and toponyms that, when translated, often describe an event or person or people that contextualizes a group in time, social structure, and space. This paper will show how indigenous names and toponyms, gleaned from notarial and judicial sources, can help fill the voids in sixteenth century native history. Theorectically, it will propose a method that can be adapted by other investigators studying other such peoples in the past as well as the present.

Palabras claves: memory, identity, personal names, toponyms, Andes, translation

Autores: Ramirez, Susan (Texas Christian University, Ud States of Am / USA)


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