917 - Memory and Archives in New Democracies

18.07.2012 | 17:30 - 19:30

Convener 1: Mazurkiewicz, Orchid (University of California at Los Angeles , Los Angeles, Ud States of Am / USA)
Convener 2: Corticelli, Maria (University of Exeter, Other / Andere)

Please note: Maria Corticelli from the University of Exeter is my co-convenor but I was having trouble entering this into the system. Over the past few decades, increasing access to information has been a part of the democratization process in Latin America. This symposium aims to explore the influence and impact of public and private archives on the building of new democracies in the Americas. Archives, both public and private, act as repositories for various kinds of information artifacts generated within society – both official information and that produced by civil society. As such, archives can play a powerful role in the creation and shaping of national or collective memory as different sectors of society draw on the information found within. This symposium provides an opportunity for the exploration of various questions related to this theme, such as:  

· The use, and misuse, of state archives in documenting human rights abuses by the state  
· How censorship has shaped the way archives have been managed over time  
· How has information been preserved and made accessible to users in newly open societies  
· What role does archival information play in the development of citizens who are aware of their newly acquired rights  
· What technologies are information professionals using to provide communities with expanded access to archival information

The panel will feature a multidisciplinary approach with participation sought from historians, information professionals, and human rights officials. This symposium might be appropriate for the following thematic areas: history, human rights, or social and cultural anthropology.

Keywords: archives, democratization, human rights, memory, information

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