4600 - Gauging Deviance: Slave Discontent, Race and the Code de Noir of 1685

This is a proposal for the Symposium 930- Raza...etc (Coordinator Maria Maldonado Chaves) The paper explores the entanglement between the Americas, Africa, India and Europe over slave discontent and how race and slave rebellions came to define some of the most important Codes and controlling institutions in the 17th century. It traces four forms of perceived deviance (behavourial, articulatory, existential and miasmic) and shows how their intensities created moral panics, how these panics generated competing power-blocs and new classifications. It seeks to start a dialogue with Latin American scholars over Trans-Atlantic relations and the original definitions and conceptions of race and power that were to define colonial relations for the ensuing two centuries.

Keywords: race, ethnicity, deviance, power, codes, colonial

Author: Sitas, Ari (University of Cape Town, South Africa/Südafrika)


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