12028 - In the Heat of Battle: A Testimonial Narrative of Revolution and Royalism in Southern Peru

The paper discusses the career and literary works of Manuel Quimper, a Peruvian-born naval officer, cartographer, explorer, poet, and Intendant of two provinces in southern Peru (1806-1819). He composed a lengthy poem in rhyming verse, titled Laicas Vivacidades, wherein he pleads allegiance to his King in the defence of Puno during the era of insurrections and wars of Independence. The poem represents Quimper’s account of how the revolution began in Buenos Aires and then spread to the whole of Spanish South America. Quimper’s trajectory as a King’s man eventually found him in Puno operating as the key link between the royalist army in Charcas (under Goyenche 1809–12, and under Pío Tristán in 1813) and the campaign’s unofficial political and logistical centre in Arequipa. In 1814 he commanded the remnants of the royalist army in the Puno region. From the siege of Cádiz to the contested ground of North Pacific exploration, discovery and annexation; from the far reaches of the Titicaca shores to the cut and thrust of royal intrigue and patronage in the Iberian Peninsula, Quimper moved with the ebb and flow of Empire. When the Peruvian Republic was inaugurated in 1824, Quimper took on a new role, this time in his native Peru’s naval force. This paper explores Quimper’s varied career and will focus especially on his key role as Intendant of Puno at a crucial moment during the first phase of Latin American independence in southern Peru.

Keywords: Puno, Charcas, Independence

Author: Tovías, Blanca (The University of Sydney, Australia / Australien)


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