2153 - From Greece to Argentina

This work focuses on the diary of Sotiria Salivaras, an original account and daily narrative of a child’s in the 1940’s in Kalamata, Greece, before, during and after WWII. The diary begins on October 28, 1940 with the start of the Greek-Italian war and ends with Sotiria’s emigration to Argentina at the beginning of February 1947, when she is 17 years old. Also, the work discusses events in Greek history, such as the expulsion of the Greek minority from Turkey after WWI, the occupation of Greece by the Axis powers during WWII and the Greek civil war, events that affected the lives of Sotiria and her family, and studies immigration patterns from Greece to Argentina and Latin America. Finally, it offers a view of Sotiria’s life in Greece as a teenager and in Argentina as an adult, long after she ceased writing her diary, drawn from extensive tape-recorded interviews with her and her sons.

Keywords: Greece, Argentina, Women, Children, Biography

Author: Faingold, Eduardo (University of Tulsa, Ud States of Am / USA)


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