3474 - Globalization: Can It Promote Migrant Rights? ¿ The case of Mexico¿s Southern Border

This presentation deals with the migrant situation in Mexico’s southern border region. The author wants to find out whether in all this brutality NGOs fighting for migrant rights can benefit from globalization. Rather than inquiring how globalization allowed for numerous human rights violation, this presentation looks for chances for human rights and human rights defenders in their globalised environment. Do not globalization and all the international human rights conventions force developing countries to adhere to international human rights standards? And do human rights defenders benefit from international cooperation in the field of human rights?

The author tried to answer to these questions by working and researching for 6 months in a center for migrant rights in Tapachula, Chiapas. Concluding she attempts to find answers to the gap between human rights theory and their official protection and the human rights violations that occur in reality.

Keywords: Globalization, Human Rights, Mexico, Migrant Rights

Author: Reschauer, Julia (University assistant, Austria / Österreich)


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