6221 - Assessing the Weight of Institutional and Social Forces in Transitional Justice: The Case of Uruguay

This paper aims to assess the role of the executive and the judicial systems in the protracted process of democratized Uruguay coming to terms with its legacy of human-rights violations. On the one hand, the initial official policies geared to close the book on the past human rights violations have been maintained in spite of initiatives that social and political forces launched to end impunity and attain truth and accountability. On the other hand, there have been openings that reflect remarkable achievements in the last 25 years, beyond the failure of those pushing for accountability to undo a blanket legal immunity twice and the presidential initiative to push a recent interpretative Law. The paper analyzes the relative weight of the presidency and the judicial system within the constellation of forces that opened new institutional ground for setting a belated accountability for some of the historical wrongs.

NOTE: The presentation will be in Spanish or English, depending on the other participants

Keywords: justicia transicional; legalidad e impunidad; rendición de cuentas (accountability)

Author: Roniger, Luis (Wake Forest University, Ud States of Am / USA)


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