4741 - The role of international civil observation of human rights as a new element of interaction between international and regional non-state movements The example of the Zapatista movement and the International Civil Commission of Observation on Human Rights

I analyze the international civil observation of human rights as essential element of the Zapatista strategy on the example of the International Civil Commission of Observation on Human Rights in Mexico (CCIODH), formed in 1998 after the massacre of Acteal as international protest movement contra the undeclared war of Mexican government against the indigenous peoples. Generally I want to analyze the difference between the concepts of human rights of the Mexican government and these of the international civil observation. While the concepts of Mexican government of civil security, of national and continental security claim to protect the people y the nation from crime, drugs and terrorism, the situation of security is more fatal however. Insecurity, drug traffic, the economic crises and the violation of human rights escalated in the last years. Since the presidency of Calderon there are 35 000 dead persons. In the paper I will discover the possibility to make more secure the society, specially the most affected population like the Zapatistas, and protect the social interests of people in conflicts regions through the international civil observation of human rights. Questions are: Was CCIODH a protecting factor for the formation of autonomy of Zapatista movement and indigenous rights in Mexico? Witch influence had it to the Mexican government to change their policy of human rights? Which political and social interaction develops between the Zapatista Movement and CCIODH? It shell concludes the supporting and conflictive relation between a regional and international non-state movement and its influence of international civil observation of a regional conflict. Furthermore I will analyze the relationship between the regional, national and international level of politics and between state and non-state actors.

Palabras claves: Human Rights, Commission of International Civil Observation for Human Rights, Zapatistas, Mexico

Autores: Zimmering, Raina (Johannes Kepler University Linz (Austria), Austria / Österreich)


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