5987 - Controlling the 'perros del hortelano': the policing of 'resource war' protests in Peru, 2009-2010

Driven by high commodity prices on world markets, since the mid-1990s Peru has experienced a mining boom; exploration and investment in the hydrocarbon sector has also intensified. These developments have provoked a plethora of protest movements mounted by local communities intent on defending their livelihood, many mobilisations resulting in violent confrontations with the police. This paper explores the policing of 'resource war' protests, focusing on case studies from Bagua and Arequipa. It addresses issues such as the extent to which the Peruvian police service has been demilitarised and become more publically accountable since the demise of Fujimori's authoritarian regime in November 2000.

Palavras-chaves: policing, Peru, protest movements, police violence.

Autores: Taylor, Lewis (Liverpool University, United Kingdom/Ver Königr)


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