6818 - The Peruvian TRC as an object of remembrance and as a discursive resource

This paper looks at the Peruvian Truth and Reconciliation Commission as an object of remembrance and as a discursive resource in post transitional struggles over post conflict issues. It departs from the observation that the TRC has become one of the central lieux de memoire (Nora 1996) of the Peruvian transition. For example, the submission of the TRC's final report is one of the most significant dates in the Human Rights sector's commemoration calendar. The TRC is thus omnipresent as a discursive figure in contemporary public debates about the internal armed conflict, the transition and post transitional politics in general. However, memories ofthe TRC differ greatly from each other. While both opponents and supporters of the TRC evoque its memory in public debate, they do so in very different ways and with different intentions. There is thus a struggle over the remembrance of the TRC itself. While there is dissent regarding the meanings of the TRC, the discursive figure TRC has moved frome being solely the object of discourse to being a tool in political debate: references to the TRC are used to "make a point" about something other than the TRC. This paper looks at the TRC as an object of memory (a lieu de memoire) and explores its conflictive construction. It furthermore addresses the use of references to the figure of the TRC as a discursive resource in contemporary conflicts over post conflict issues.

Palavras-chaves: TRC/CVR, Peru, conflict, memory

Autores: Winter, Franka (Trinity College Dublin, United Kingdom/Ver Königr)


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