3954 - Criminal person x Prison Architecture: Dynamics of inhabited space.

This study is seeking, in psychology, evidence to, architects, familiar with the phenomena arising from the relationship between man and space. Developing activities spatializes man his intentions by giving them physical form and creating meaningful places. So is that the social forms through the specializations, relate to the physical forms, creating places, which, in turn, influence the specializations, as expressed by the physical forms and architectural forms expressed by social events, interact. Thus, each architectural component plays a unique role in their articulation with other elements and the lives of people for whom architecture is offered as a tool and language, and therefore each building reveals itself as a work unique in the sense that the connections between place individuals who inhabit the middle and the condition for their existence as architecture.

Keywords: Prison architecture; Prison space; Ownership of the place; Dynamic linking of Inhabited Space

Author: Lima, Suzann (Universidade Federal de Alagoas, Brazil / Brasilien)


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