9231 - "Listen to my Heart"- Transgression and Transcendence in Puig's Kiss of the Spider Woman

At a first glance, the experience of space as poetic intimacy the way that Gaston Bachelard describes it in The Poetics of Space will not seem to have any relevance for people locked in a prison cell. The analysis will examine in which way the protagonists of Manuel Puig’s Kiss of the Spider Woman manage to overcome this contradiction of space and confinement. Their acts of transgression are also closely related to the concept of language as a means of communication. Visible or audible words often have to be decoded since they may carry hidden or multiple meanings. This ambiguity or vagueness needs to be recognized and clarified so as to understand the message the way it was intended by the sender. Moreover, words are not the only way to enter into dialogues since language in its broadest sense can take on various forms. Through these types of language, reality is not only reflected but also created, albeit not according to standard concepts of reality. These modes of transgression can be interpreted as the transcendence of traditions and borders, e.g. by overcoming the idea of physical existence as the ultimate human limit or by subverting traditional gender expectations. This interdisciplinary approach will integrate aspects of language and communication as well as sociology, religion and philosophy to gain a deeper understanding of the potential of human existence.

Keywords: space, communication, language, borders, transcendence

Author: Veauthier, Ines (University of Mainz, Germany, Germany / Deutschland)


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